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 Civil Air Patrol

North Tampa - Lutz Cadet Squadron


 Squadron Commander:   Captain Steven Gay, CAP

Cadet Commander:   Cadet 1st Lt Alec Rowan, CAP


Squadron meetings have been cancelled for the next 3-4 weeks , County is starting Monday Aug. 10th to remodel starting with bathrooms.

          MapQuest    Operational Order   Form 32   


 We just got notification that the county is going to start the School House remodeling this Monday, Aug 10. The Remodeling will take 3 to 4 weeks. Our squadron building is in immediate stand down and close for the remodeling. We do NOT have a temporary location to use  thus ALL Squadron Meetings until further notice is CANCELLED. 

 More information forthcoming around promotions and etc during the downtime so please be mindful of emails and text and Squadron Web Site information.

 NOTE:  The HURCON exercise will still continue through Tuesday so that being said please make sure to report your safe status to your Flight Sgt’s daily before 17:00.

 For those that have prospects coming to the squadron please contact them and provide the Squadron shutdown information.

 The bathrooms are under construction first and we will have no access to a bathroom. 

Captain Steven Gay, CAP



4th July parade and celebration at Lutz Civic Center  photo Album


Major Steven Lampasona, Group 3 Commander presented Cadet 2nd Lt Matthew P. Lewandowski  his General Billy Mitchell Award #65505 on 16th June 2015





North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Awards Banquet

March 28th, 2015

Photo Gallery


Omar Bensaid   Nicolette Clark   Ryan Lumsdon


Deborah Johnson-Barnley     George Paul Lewandowski      

For further information Contact:
Steven Gay, Captain, CAP Tel. (813) 245-4573

If you have any questions or comments,

you can e-mail me at wwdw@verizon.net


Updated: 5 August 2015

Next Update:  15 August 2015

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Special Thanks to The Old Lutz Schoolhouse for providing North Tampa - Lutz Cadets Squadrons new home.

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