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 Civil Air Patrol

North Tampa - Lutz Cadet Squadron


 Squadron Commander:   Captain Steven Gay, CAP

Cadet Commander:   Cadet Captain Austin George, CAP


4th July parade; Lutz Civic Center ( BDU'S) 0600-1300***  3rd July parade set-up day (Squadron T-shirt & Jeans) 0900-1300

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19th Aerospace Education Excellence Award

North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron is proud to accept the 19th Aerospace Education Excellence Award for our Squadron on the 26th May 2015 presented by Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Zedonek (Government Relations Advisor of Florida Wing.)  Our Squadron has participated in The Aerospace Education Excellence Award Program (AEX) since the inception by Doctor Ben Millspaugh.  When youíre built creation actually flies, all part function simultaneously, and the challenge is in motion the excitement is felt when victory has been accomplished. The experience is enjoyed by the Cadets and Seniors.  The Squadrons that did not participate in the Aerospace Education Excellence Award Program have missed an opportunity of a lifetime to educate and experience the history and creation of time and space. We are proud to announce we are the only Squadron in Florida to have all nineteen (19) Aerospace Education Excellence Awards.  

Cadet Captain Austin George 

earned his Amelia Earhart Award #16959 on 13th May 2015. 

 Cadet Captain Austin George was presented the Amelia Earhart Award during the North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron meeting by Lieutenant Colonel Phillip Zedonek (Government Relations Advisor of Florida Wing.) on the 26th May 2015.




North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Awards Banquet

March 28th, 2015

Photo Gallery


Dane Barnley    Carlos Carrasquillo    Lukas Kruse


    Zachary Dawson  

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Steven Gay, Captain, CAP Tel. (813) 245-4573

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