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  Aerospace Education 

     Aerospace Education, as one of the missions of the Civil Air Patrol, provides its members and the community with classroom materials, teacher training, and many other educational aids which promote the understanding of aviation and space programs. Civil Air Patrol develops, publishes, and distributes Aerospace educational materials for classroom grades K through College.

     Each spring, CAP sponsors the National Congress on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE). More than 1,000 teachers attend seminars, assemblies, and workshops conducted by National and International aerospace experts, master teachers, practicing research test pilots and astronauts.

     Each month, cadets get an opportunity to learn what it is really like to be in the pilots seat of an aircraft. They take half hour instructional flights in which the cadets and senior members learn the many aspects of flight.

For more information in the field of aerospace education, you can visit the NASA HomePage at www.nasa.gov