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Civil Air Patrol Facts

  • Civil Air Patrol was founded December 1, 1941 by Major General John F. Curry, United States Army Air Corps.
  • National Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol is located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
  • The current National Commander of Civil Air Patrol is Major General Charles L. Carr.
  • Civil Air Patrol was founded in December of 1941 (one week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.)  Civil Air Patrol was part of the U. S. Office of Civilian Defense.  During World War II, its members provide orientation flights to thousands of prospective aviation cadets and recruits.  Members also flew more than 24 million miles on coastal patrol.  They summoned help for 91 ships in distress and 363 survivors of submarine attacks.  Patrol crews spotted 173 enemy submarines, dropped bombs or depth charges on 57 of them and received credit for sinking or seriously damaging at least two.  Others were destroyed by planes and ships summoned by Civil Air Patrol radios.
  • In 1943, CAP was assigned to the War Department under the jurisdiction of the Army Air Corps.
  • CAP pilots flew over a half a million hours, were credited with sinking two enemy submarines, and rescued hundreds of crash survivors during World War II.  Civil Air Patrol Crews flew many other wartime missions, including a courier service for airlift of personnel and light cargo; target towing and tracking flights for training anti-aircraft gunners; powerline and pipeline surveillance; forest fire patrol; and patrol along the southern U. S. border.  Sixty-four members died while performing wartime operations.
  • July 1, 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed Public Law 476 of the 79th Congress, established CAP as a federally chartered benevolent civilian corporation.
  • May 26, 1948, 80th Congress passed Public Law 557. This made Civil Air Patrol an Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.
  • There are over 61,441 members and 1,700 units nation wide.         
  • There are Eight Regions: Northeast, Middle East, Great Lakes, Southeast, North Central, Southwest, Rocky Mountain, and Pacific.  (Special Overseas Cadet Squadrons)
  • There are a total of 52 wings in Civil Air Patrol, that is including all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and District of Columbia.


Civil Air Patrol Chain of Command


TITLE:                                                                           ABBREVIATION:                              NAME OF INDIVIDUAL:

President of the United States:                                                                The Honorable Barack H. Obama

National Commander:                              CAP/CC                                Major General Charles L. Carr

National Vice Commander                       CAP/CV                                Brigadier General Reggie L. Chitwood, CAP

Southeast Region Commander:                 SER/CC                                Lieutenant Colonel Robert (Bob) E. Hagel, CAP

Florida Wing Commander:                        FL WG/CC                           Colonel Michael Cook, CAP

Group 3 Commander:                               SER-FL-GR3/CC                 Robert E. Maxey, Jr, CAP

North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Sq Commander: SER-FL-243/CC                 Captain Steven Gay, CAP


Cadet Chain of Command


TITLE:                                                                           ABBREVIATION:                              NAME OF INDIVIDUAL:

Cadet Commander:                                                                                C/Second Lieutenant Jean J. Alonso, CAP

C/Alpha Flight Commander:                                                                   C/Technical Sergeant Christopher L. Zayas, CAP

C/Alpha Flight Sergeant:                                                                         C /Senior Airman Cody J. Sugg, CAP

C/Bravo Flight Commander:                                                                   C/Staff Sergeant Tyler J. Gay, CAP

C/Bravo Flight Sergeant:                                                                         C/Staff Sergeant Sean M. Fox, CAP

C/Charlie Flight Commander:                                                                  C/Master Sergeant Casey A. Repko, CAP

C/Charlie Flight Sergeant:                                                                        C/Master Sergeant James R. Zentmeyer, CAP

C/Element Leaders:                                                                                 See NTLCS Chain of  Command Chart                


TITLE:                                                                           ABBREVIATION:                               NAME OF INDIVIDUAL:

Vice President of the United States:                                                         The Honorable Joe Biden

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff:                                                               General Richard B. Myers, USAF      

Florida Wing Vice Commander:                FLWG/CV                            Lieutenant Colonel. Michael Cook, CAP

Group 3 Deputy Commander:                   SER-FL-GR3/CV                 Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Schultz, CAP

North Tampa-Lutz Cdt Sqdn Dep Cmdr:   SER-FL-243/CV                 Lieutenant Colonel. Diane B. Westcott, CAP

NTLCS Cadet Deputy Commander:                                                      C/ Second Lieutenant Zachary S. Dawson, CAP

NTLCS Cadet Executive Officer:                                                           C/Second Lieutenant Tyler J. Ericson, CAP

NTLCS Cadet First Sergeant:                                                                 C/Master Sergeant William A. Glenn II, CAP

NTLCS CAC Representative:                                                                 C/Technical Sergeant Christopher L. Zayass, CAP