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North Tampa - Lutz Cadet Squadron


Unit Activities


Honor Guard For WWII Veterans Honor Flight Tuesday 22nd September 2015@ St. Pete-Clearwater Airport


Welcome the Military Veterans Home from Washington DC



4th July parade 2015 and celebration at Lutz Civic Center  photo Album



North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Family Christmas Party

20th December 2014 @ Lutz Old School House    Photo Gallery

Grand Prix Fun Day 21st September 2013

The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron treated their cadets to a day of fun at Grand Prix. Cadets got to ride go-karts, play putt-putt golf, video games, and have a pizza lunch topped off with cupcakes. It was a great day of bonding and fun times!



NHL Lightning Game Honor Guard 21st Sept 2013

The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron was asked to perform honor guard for opening ceremonies of the NHL game of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers. Cadets Sean Fox, Jean J Alonso, Austin George and Cameron Houts presented the colors at the Tampa Bay Times Forum before a crowd of thousands. They did an excellent job representing our squadron!




North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron

has been asked by Homes for our Troops to present the colors for the key ceremony for SSG Joseph Beimfohr, an army veteran who lost both legs in an IED blast in Iraq  May 11, 2013.



North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron 27th May 2013

was requested to perform the color guard during a special Memorial Day service at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church. 16 cadets and 4 senior members came to pay their respects to our Veterans. What a great way to honor our nation's heroes! 

Thank you, cadets, for a job well done!



The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron 

took 19 cadets and 5 senior members to Fantasy of Flight on May 4, 2013. One of the first things the cadets did was to meet 3 WWII veterans and hear their experiences about D-Day. They also were able to visit dozens of aircraft displays, go through a B-17, learn how to rivet from Rosie the Riveter, see an aerial demo, visit a plane restoration shop, go on a tram tour and see a maintenance hangar, and more. The cadets enjoyed pizza for lunch and had a great time. Thank you NTLCS for a fun day of learning experiences!!  Photo Album




Saturday April 6- Color Guard for Homes for our Troops @ 521 Cullaro Lane, Lutz FL 33549

Ground breaking new home for Marine Cpl Justin Gaertner

Photo Album

The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron

held a Camp Airman bivouac at Lake Park the weekend of 15-17 March. Several of our new cadets as well as the more experienced ones were able to learn more about CAP and team building through the various classes held. Activities included customs and courtesies class, compass and map reading, uniform and shoe shining class, drill and color guard, team building games, NCSA class, chain of command, an IED course, scavenger hunt, and a formal flag burning ceremony where they respectfully disposed of over a dozen deteriorated flags. Saturday night they had a lot of fun cooking smores over the campfire and dancing to party music. Many thanks to all the senior members who helped as well as all the cadet staff and instructors!



North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron

 held their annual Christmas party 22 December, 2012. Special guests included Len Goellner, Chris Latocki, and Phil Zedonek. The cadets (and some seniors) played several games including tug-of-war, 3-legged races, a pinata, and relay races. We had lots of delicious food and a white elephant gift exchange. Thank you to all senior members and cadets for your help today. Hope you all had fun! Merry Christmas!!




The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron

hosted an outing to the Museum of Science and Industry. Several cadets and senior members from Group 3 joined us for a fun filled day. The cadets enjoyed fun and informative activities inside the museum as well as an IMAX movie, but the ropes course was the biggest hit!! Many thanks to all cadets who participated and especially to all the senior members who make this day a great success.. 25th August 21012







North Tampa-Lutz cadet Squadron

Held a model rocketry course taught by our fearless leader C/Captain Dawson, who did an outstanding job! The cadets took 3 tests, built and launched 5 rockets, and learned much about model rocketry. Launching the rockets was a great success today with great weather, very few equipment failures, and 14 consecutive successful launches! Congratulations to all the cadets that earned their rocketry badges today. Many thanks to C/Captain Dawson for all is hard work and for making this a very enjoyable event for the cadets.  7-12 August 2012








Tonight was C/Captain Dawson's last squadron meeting before He leaves for Carnegie Mellon University. 

He has been an inspiration to the squadron and an exemplary example of a fine cadet!!

 He will be greatly missed.  14th August 2012




The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron was invited to perform a color guard on Thursday, June 28th, 2012 for the father of a member of the Indiana Wing CAP. It was an honor to perform in memory of the WWII veteran. Many thanks to cadets Sean Fox, Adam Lare, Austin George, Tyler Gay and 1st Lt Lili Fox for stepping up to the task with very little notice. You were awesome today!



The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron was invited to do Color Guard at a special Memorial Day service held at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church. A big thank you to the following cadets who participated and helped make the service a very special one: Frank Bly, Taylor Ney, Desiree Jenkins, Isabella Baquero, Cameron Houts, Emily Houts, Austin Collier, Nicolas Espel, Jean-Marc Ortiz, Alec Rowan, Juan Quintero, Sean Fox, Jean Alonso, Cody Sugg, Tyler Gay, and Michael Malone.

Photo Album



The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron had o-flights 
5th May 2012 at Tampa Executive Airport. 
Only one plane was available, but we flew 16  cadets . 
In between, classes were held on Flight line handling, the cadets got to do flight marshalling, and also built & shot off rockets. It was a fun day for all 23 cadets who attended!




The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Sqdn held a Camp Airman bivouac 

at Lake Park on April 13th thru 15th, 2012.

 It was attended by 21 cadets and 9 senior members. 

The bivouac included a leadership reaction course, uniform class, aerospace class, 

moral leadership, shoe shining class, customs & courtesy, ultimate frisbee, color guard, 

land navigation course, and team building activities. 

Thank you to all participants and instructors for a fun and informative weekend! 

And happy birthday to Lt Col Westcott!!







Tampa Bay Lighting Game 16 February 2012





 North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron performing Honor Guard before the Lightning game on 16 February. Great job cadets Sean Fox, Cody Sugg, Adam Lare, and Casey Repko


North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Family Christmas Party

December 13th , 2011



Lutz Arts and Craft Show at Lake Park  3-4 December 2011



Florida Indian Hobbyist Homecoming Pow-wow        21-23 Oct. 2011

North Tampa-Lutz Cadets help to make Homecoming Pow-wow a great success.

They had a chance to learn what it was like to live back in 1800,s.




Drill and Color Guard Bivouac 23-25 September, 2011



The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron's Honor Guard and Color Guard teams proudly escorted and greeted WWII Veterans arriving back to the St Pete / Clearwater International Airport from their Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

20th September 2011






Many thanks to our awesome Honor Guard team who escorted one of the groups of veterans: 

Cadets Zayas, Fox, Sugg, and Lare.

Thank you also for a job well done to our Color Guard team: 

Cadets Malone, Collier, Houts, Rowan, Ward,  Nixon and Diaz.

A special thanks to Cadet Repko, Lt Gay, and Col Westcott for your added support.

20th Annual North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Banquet






20th August 2011 Over 100 members and family attend 20th Annual Squadron Banquet. 

Former members and their families where Robert Alfonso from New Mexico, Trung Tran from Orlando, Alexia Amenda ,  Tasha Meares, David Rowan From Tampa. 

Three cadets were promoted with there parents pinning there new rank on. C/TSgt Houts, C/SMSgt Lare, C/TSgt Rowan.

Five Wright Brothers Awards, Two Billy Mitchell Awards, Two Amelia Earhart Awards presented by Florida Wing Vice Commander  Lt Col Phil Zedonek.





27th August 2011 - A Salute to Our Veterans @ Trinity Church 33425 S.R. 54 Wesley Chapel


A big thank you to cadets Fox, Lare, Malone, and Rowan for your color guard performance at the opening ceremony for Pasco County Schools' Safety Training at River Ridge High School! Great job, cadets!
18th August 2011





Florida Wing Summer Encampment at Camp Blanding 2011

July 30th thru August 6th. Graduation Past in Review

Doolie Cadets Graduation: C/Amn Austin Collier, C/Amn Austin George

Cadet Staff Members: C/CMSgt Sean Fox, C/SMSgt Michael Malone, C/2nd Lt Cody Sugg




The North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron (Left to right: C/A1C Alexis Zayas, C/TSgt Casey Repko, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, C/SSgt Sean Fox, C/SrAmn Cody Sugg) were invited to perform the Presentation of the Colors (The United States Flag of America and The State of Florida Flag) during the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem for the First Annual Ronald Reagan Day Dinner on the 9th of October 2009 held at The Pepin Center and hosted by The Republican Party of Hillsborough.  The Cadets were most appreciative for the opportunity to perform at this prestigious event. The motto for the evening was "In politics there is no past, only the future"





David Leach, Major, CAP (Florida Wing Group 3 Commander) presented First Flight Awards to: 

Left to right: 

C/SSgt Joshua E. Griffin, C/AmnBasic Quinn R. Sahler, C/A1C Sean Fox, C/Amn Kali B. Vansweringen and David Leach, Major CAP.  

The four Cadets completed their First Flight at Vandenberg Airport on the 26th July 2008.




Winter Encampment Ends


                                      C/SrA Tyler Ericson in the Field                       C/A1C Casey Repko by his bunk

 North Tampa-Lutz cadet Squadron  sent a total of 6 members to the Southeast Region Winter Encampment at Camp Blanding on 28th December 2007 through 5th January 2008: 1 senior member, 2 cadet staff, and 3 doolies.  Thank you to First Lieutenant James Disena, C/1st Lt Trung Tran, and C/2d Lt Hannah Tucker; this encampment would not have worked without your contributions.  Congratulations to C/SrA Tyler Ericson, C/A1C Casey Repko, and C/A1C Austin Diaz; you are no longer doolies!


Santa Breakfast 2007


 North  Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron Cadets assist young children every year during  the Annual Santa Breakfast held at The Old Lutz Schoolhouse on the 8th of December 2007.


Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival 2007



 Cadets worked at the annual Lutz Arts and Crafts Festival, directing traffic and parking.  This two-day event provided a tough challenge with the shear volume of vehicles, but is also fun as it helps develop teamwork, problem solving, public relations, and radio skills.   The Lutz Annual Arts and Crafts Festival is held the first weekend of December.  This years event was held on the 1st and 2nd of December 2007.


Albert Whitted Airshow


 North Tampa-Lutz Cadet Squadron was assisting with Albert Whitted Air Show  on 20th and 21st of October 2007.   The Cadets had a special treat when the U.S. Army Military Personnel put them through an obstacle course.  






Florida Wind Cadet Competition



  The North Tampa Lutz Cadet Squadron color guard team placed 6th overall, bringing home 3rd place trophies in standard drill and the mile run.  Congratulations on a job well done to C/MSgt Micah Leon, C/A1C Tyler Ericson, C/A1C Elijah Martinez, and C/Amn Christopher Zayas.  Special thanks to Captain Sandor Riholm, Second Lieutenant Eduardo Leon, First Lieutenant James Disena, C/2d Lt Trung Tran, C/2d Lt Hannah Tucker, C/Amn Alexis Zayas, and C/AB Diego Heinzerling for their support and dedication.  For more pictures of the team.

     Also at Cadet Competition, C/2d Lt Kenneth Bradford, C/2d Lt David Terris, and C/SMSgt William Glenn, Jr. helped out a drill team from another group in Florida, helping them take 3rd place overall.  Congratulations on your success, I'm sure the cadets from the other group greatly appreciated your assistance.  This years competition was held on 16th -18th November 2007 at Mac Dill AFB.   


Lieutenant Colonel William Westcott gets Promoted


Major William Westcott Jr. (Florida Wing Group 3 Commander) promoted Major William Westcott to Lieutenant Colonel during the North Tampa Cadet Squadron Meeting on the 6th September 2005.   This promotion has been a long time in the works.  The Lt Col Westcott stayed a 1lt Lieutenant as long as he was a Major.  We all thought Major Westcott Jr. was going promote before him.  It only seem fitting to have Major Westcott Jr. promoted him since he use to fix his fathers uniform in the beginning. 




4th July Parade



Auralee Buckingham (Granny) and Major William Westcott (Uncle Sam) floated through the parade on Jethros' Car from the Beverly Hillbillies.  Giving candy throughout the 4th July Parade held at Lutz Community.  








Jared Baxley is a Junior at the Air Force Academy in 2004.   Jared's playing position is FAL and his jersey number is #26 on the Varsity Team.  Our best wishes go to Jared for the New Year 2005.  (Picture courtesy: USAFA/Athletic Department)



Cadet orientation Flights 


                                            Cadet Rhiannon Roberts First Flight                               Cadets receiving First Flight Inspection


Bike Rodeo At Mort Elementary 


North Tampa Cadets (First row, left to right: Jason Zambrana, Rhiannon Roberts, Matthew Danza; Second row, left to right: Martin Lohn, Mitchell Smith, Tony Ku, Luis Laracuente; Third row, left to right: Andrew Mathes, Brandon Barber, David Rowan) worked the Bike Rodeo on November 15th 2003 at Mort Elementary School         





North Tampa Cadets, Uncle Sam, Lutz Land O'Lakes Women's Club, and the Sheriff's Department help young children (ages 1-12) maneuver   through a course of hazards that they may encounter while riding a bicycle on the road.  The day is filled Food (PTA), Music, a Bike Repair shop, Can Do, free gift bags, and drawings held every hour for New Bikes for Boys and Girls. 



Cadet Technical Sergeant Joseph Danza


Cadet Technical Sergeant Joseph Danza was presented with a Scholarship received from the Arts for a complete Education/Florida Alliance for Arts Education held at a reception on the 6th March 2003 by The Governor of the State of Florida Jeb Bush and Mrs. Bush on the 6th March 2003 in Partnership with Arts for a complete Education/Florida Alliance for Arts Education held at the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee, Florida. 



Good-bye to Cadet Captain Jared Baxley


Saying good-bye to our former Cadet Commander is not always easy  when you have spent some of the most important and educational years of your life with Cadet Captain Jared Baxley.  Jared Baxley has been a member of North Tampa Cadet Squadron for 5 years.  He has attended Special Activities and many Wing and Group activities including Airfest, National Ground Search and Rescue activities, Cadet and Florida Wing Conferences, Encampments, and provided Community Service.  For this Cadet, entering the Air Force Academy may be scary, but a challenging experience.  The members of North Tampa Cadet Squadron can assure that he will graduate with honors and become a role model of Civil Air Patrol.  We will all miss this fine young Cadet. 

FA/18 Hornet


On August 3, we visited the Lakeland Airport to see Lt. Commander Steve "Flipper" Hartung of the U.S. Navy.  Lt. Hartung walked us around his F/A 18 Hornet explaining reasons of the different parts of the plane.  Afterwards, we took squadrons pictures in front of the jet, and many of us got individual pictures with Lt. Hartung.  We all stayed to watch him take off, which took a little longer then expected due to bad weather, but you don't get to see that every day!  The picture includes the North Tampa Cadet Squadron, Lt. Hartung, and the FA 18 Hornet. 




Aerospace/Recruiting Community Centers






Cadets Major Steven Schweichler, Captain CJ Rivenbark, and Master Sergeant Jackson Goss were at Mort Park 






Cadets Major Steven Schweichler and Master Sergeant Jackson Goss were at Nye Park 






Cadets Master Sergeant Jackson Goss, Airman First Class Michael Daggett, and Airman Thomas Gruber were at Roy Haynes Park





                  North Tampa Cadet Squadron at Fantasy of Flights                  Captain William and Alex Westcott in Flight    



Squadron Christmas Party Dec 2001


  Christmas Sing Along





Special Song


Gift Exchange






The Rivenbark Family sing along (Father and Son)





{short description of image}                    {short description of image}

Major William H. Westcott (Commander North Tampa Cadet Squadron) pulled North Tampa first Float by tractor during the Lutz parade while the Cadets marched before him. The Airplane was flying through the clouds while music played. The North Tampa Cadet Squadron won a trophy for Most Patriotic. Last year we won a trophy for Best Walking Unit.


Rifle Bivouac



                                             Instructors At rifle Bivouac            C/Jared Baxley learning to aim rifle


                                              Learning to shoot rifles                           C/Samantha Price holding a rifle


                                         Shooting Range                                              Learning to load a Rifle       


                                             Learning to aim the rifle properly       C/Cary Camus viewing the target      




Haunted House

Old Lutz School House

{short description of image} {short description of image}C/Benjamin Turinsky





 C/Brandon Bodnar



{short description of image} {short description of image}C/Ashleigh Boyd





C/Aaron Polster and C/Joshua Cottrell





{short description of image} {short description of image}






C/Joshua Cottrell and C/Tiara Patrick







{short description of image}






North Tampa Cadet Squadron sold Candy Airplanes and Shoot Off Alka Fuji Rockets



Award Presentations



{short description of image}





Victor Crist (Florida State Representative) presented awards to C/Captain Ashleigh Boyd, C/Captain Brandon Bodnar, and C/2Lt John Boyd with Chaplain Charles Andrews presiding.



Lutz 4th July Parade

{short description of image}






North Tampa Cadet Squadron during the Lutz 4th July Parade 1999.



Emergency Services Bivouac

{short description of image}{short description of image}




NTCS were at Camp Brorien for an Emergency Services Bivouac. A plane crashed and the debris from the wreckage was scattered through the woods.  Location of the crash site was located with communication skills and the injured passengers were carried to safety after being secured for transportation.  The Cadets did a great job.



First Aid Bivouac

{short description of image}{short description of image}



North Tampa Cadet, Oakhurst, Pasco East, and Skyway Bridge Squadrons were at a First Aid Bivouac that was held at the Fighters and Police Department Training Grounds. The Cadets searched for injured passengers of a crashed plane with six members to each team.  When the teams arrived they found that the site was contaminated.